Baobab .bashrc file erased


My custom .bashrc file got erased and replaces with the default one during recent maintenance on Baobab. Is this is expected behavior? Also, should I keep a backup of such config files (bashrc, gitconfig, etc) because they can be erased?



if I’m not mistaken: you asked that we unlock your account without restoring your data. The .bashrc file is part of your data and wasn’t restored as well.

If you changed your mind and want to have your files restored, contact us by email.


Yes, but as soon as I got access I updated it, and today when I logged in after the recent problems it was again in a “raw” state. I copied it again from Yggdrasil and it isn’t a big issue. But I thought it may be an indication of a significant problem.

Hi, as the file is already overwritten, I don’t have and idea when the replacement was made. Probably a mistake: from us or from you, we’ll never know :sweat_smile:. But anyway, we don’t overwrite those files intentionally and we backup them, no need to take extra care.

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