Baobab OnDemand: jupyterLab environment-specific kernel never connects

Primary informations

Username: lastufka
Cluster: Baobab


When trying to launch a notebook with a custom ipykernel in Baobab OnDemand JupyterLab, the kernel never connects.

Steps to Reproduce

  • launch JupyterLab via Baobab OnDemand
  • try to create new notebook with custom kernel, or open existing notebook and select that kernel

Expected Result

Kernel connects

Actual Result

Kernel fails to connect. When trying the default ipykernel instead, basic modules like numpy are not found. Using module load [either numpy versions and the required modules] from the notebook results in an error. JupyterLab is unusable for running Python.

Dear Erica,

Yould you please check the tutorial :

It could solve your issue.

Best regards,