[Baobab] OpenOnDemand Advanced Desktop (CPU/MEM/GPU)

Dear HPC Users,

We’re pleased to inform you about the introduction of the Advanced Desktop feature! Effective immediately, you can personalize your sessions by configuring GPU, CPU, and memory settings.

Stay Informed:

OpenOndemand swiftly creates interactive sessions for apps and Desktop, which can be incredibly helpful, especially for beginners.

However, it’s essential to ask yourself about your needs to ensure that HPC resources are properly used and allocated. For example, requesting a GPU for file editing is overkill and delays the allocation of jobs that really need it.

Baobab Desktop: Suitable for tasks requiring basic configuration, such as file navigation and editing.

Advanced Desktop: Recommended for users familiar with advanced configurations. You have the flexibility to specify the number of CPUs, GPUs, and memory.

Some of you may need GPU and visualization capabilities for specific software.(Please use the more convenient Desktop and resources to avoid overkill usage. (I know I am repeating but that’s for your good !!) :pray:t3:

:warning: We advise running Desktops only when necessary. Otherwise, submitting a job with sbatch might be a more compelling option.

:spiral_notepad: The more you match your resource request to job requirements, the better the resources will be allocated for everyone.

Your feedback is crucial to us, and we encourage you to try this new feature and share your insights. :crystal_ball:

Adrien. A

Hello @Giuseppe.Chindemi

I think this post should interest you. :wink:

Ah! That’s great, I’m gonna test it right away! Thank you very much Adrien.