Baobab scheduled maintenance: 03-04 March 2021

Dear users,

the maintenance is now over!

What was done:

  • OS updated: to version CentOS7.9 2009
  • Slurm updated: to version 20.11.3
    • enabled interactive steps: [hpc:slurm [eResearch Doc] ](
    • new version of spart
    • removed legacy partition name (with -EL7). See details.
  • changed RAID batteries on two servers.
  • Put in production two new GPU servers.
  • Updated BIOS on two GPU servers that had issues.
  • Re installation of all the CPU and GPU nodes.
  • Migrated data, hopefully this should be transparent for you.
  • Many other fixes, cleanup etc, only because we like to do that:)

Enjoy the cluster and have a nice day.

HPC team,

Luca, Massimo, Rémy, Yann