Baobab scheduled maintenance: 25-26 November 2020

Dear HPC users,

the maintenance is now over!

What’s new in Baobab:

  • Slurm 20.02.6
  • easier to launch remote graphical software through Slurm using : “salloc --x11”.
    We’ll create a topic on hpc-community about that and update the doc accordingly
  • new GPGPU nodes installed in the datacentre: gpu015 and gpu016: 128 AMD CPU and 8 x RTX2080Ti on each servers.
  • BeeGFS 7.1.5
  • CentOS 7.9.2009
  • All the compute nodes reinstalled as usual
  • power cabling re organisation to get enough power for the new compute nodes
  • various bug fix and scriptings

During this maintenance, we have introduced a simplified naming scheme for Slurm partitions.

This is important as you will need to update your sbatch scripts before February 2021 (next Baobab maintenance).

For more information, please visit : Simplified partition naming scheme

For this maintenance we were helped from Rémy (astro dept.) thanks for the help.

Best regards

HPC team
Yann, Luca, Massimo