[baobab]Unable to change permission to file located in NASAC

Primary informations

Username: quentina
Cluster: Baobab


I manage to download several TB of RNAseq fastq files and put them in the NASAC, the amount of data being too high to be handled on the /home.

I wanted to share those files with my colleagues, however the rights of those files are only open to me:

> (baobab)-[quentina@login2 ~]$ ls -l /run/user/372248/gvfs/smb-share\:server\=nasac-m2.isis.unige.ch\,share\=m-gmillet/group/Zandi_2022/Limbic_data_fastq/R13887_H7JLCBBXX_S13_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz 
> -rwx------ 1 quentina hpc_users 1949699372 11 janv. 15:45 /run/user/372248/gvfs/smb-share:server=nasac-m2.isis.unige.ch,share=m-gmillet/group/Zandi_2022/Limbic_data_fastq/R13887_H7JLCBBXX_S13_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz

When I tried to change the permissions of the files, I got the following:

> (baobab)-[quentina@login2 ~]$ chmod 777 /run/user/372248/gvfs/smb-share\:server\=nasac-m2.isis.unige.ch\,share\=m-gmillet/group/Zandi_2022/Limbic_data_fastq/R13887_H7JLCBBXX_S13_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz 
> chmod: modification des permissions de « /run/user/372248/gvfs/smb-share:server=nasac-m2.isis.unige.ch,share=m-gmillet/group/Zandi_2022/Limbic_data_fastq/R13887_H7JLCBBXX_S13_L003_R1_001.fastq.gz »: Opération non supportée

Could you help me with that? It is the case for every other files in the folder “Zandi_2022”.

Thank you in advance,


Hi @Quentin.Amosse,

The NasAc is manage by the storage team.

Please, open a ticket on DW:

DW storage ticket

Hi Adrien,

Thank you for your response, I will contact them.