Basic assistance first job submission

Hi all,

I am at the maths department and I’m completely new to the hpc and to using a cluster in general. I have read the cluster documentation, and I am still unable to independently submit a job. I can efficiently access Yggdrasil/Baobab via ssh and have X2Go working for now, but I lack the necessary background to follow the rest of the instructions.

Would it be possible to have a quick live call with an expert with shared-screen to get some guidance in the first steps? I will eventually need to run Sage computations (I usually use jupyter notebooks on CoCalc).

Best and thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can provide help,
Danilo Lewanski

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Hi! Did someone help you already? If not I can probably show you how to launch a simple code on the cluster or something like that. I would not call myself “an expert” but I can run things. Let me know.

Quentin Vagne

That would be very useful! I attended the cluster lunch and got some insights and tried myself after, but I’m not there yet, would do you have time somewhen in the next days or next week? My email is

Thanks a lot in advance,


We (HPC team) appreciate when users proposes to help other users as we lack resources. So a big thanks!

And by the way, if you/someone wants to write a “quickstart guide” that would explain the basics step after step, this would be very appreciate as well as the documentation is missing that important part. No pressure !:sweat_smile:

We met today with Quentin and another researcher who contacted me via email after seeing the post I think, and Quentin provided us with a private ‘intro class’ with a practical demonstration of how to submit a job and other basic things. Now it’s much easier to read the tutorials and follow through them, thank you!

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