results don't seem to add up?


when I run ` savardg` it says my home on Yggdrasil is 3.51 TB, but when I look at each folder it doesn't seem to add up to 3.5 TB, it actually adds up to under 100 GB of space. I tried taking a look at cached folders via terminal, but can't see anything to explain where the 3.4 TB come from. Can any HPC staff help me understand what I'm missing?

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Primary informations

Username: savardg
Cluster: Yggdrasil)


I am unable to on Yggdrasil because my home quota is apparently full. This includes trying to connect via X2Go, which I guess needs to some space on home to function. The command savardg returns 3.5 TB, but my files in /home/users/s/savardg do not add up to 3.5 TB.

Steps to Reproduce savardg

and then inspect individually folders in /home/users/s/savardg to see that it is actually less than 100 GB.

Expected Result

I expected the used space on /home/users/s/savardg to be less than the quota of 1 TB.

Actual Result

(base) (yggdrasil)-[savardg@login1 ~]$ savardg
       USER >     /home    | /srv/beegfs/scratch
    savardg >    3.51 TiB  |   22.34 TiB

Hi @Genevieve.Savard

I move your issue in the good section. Please fill the template by replacing <FIXME> by good informations. Thank you

The quota is applied on the entire home directory including /home/share directories

Hi @Adrien.Albert ,
thank you for your reply. The /home/share/cdff directory is not all mine, it is shared among members of my research group. It seems a bit unfair all that space would be attributed to my 1TB quota. But I thought this folder was actually on a scratch partition ? Can we have a scratch space on a /home/share folder?
I am unable to connect via X2Go and do any work at the moment because of this issue. Please let me know how to fix this.

Hi @Genevieve.Savard,

The quota is applied on the entire home and his subdirectory, technically we can’t do otherwise.

Regarding the home directory only YOUR files increase the quota:

-rw-r--r--   1 savardg  hpc_users     /home/shares/toto/file1 # This file increase your quota because you own it
-rw-r--r--   1 albera4c hpc_users     /home/shares/toto/file2 # This file increase albera4c's quota  

You can remove unused files or migrate on the scratch directory, there is a the same directory in /srv/beegfs/scratch/shares/cdff/

I extend your quota on the home until 2023-03-17T17:00:00Z to permit you to login and move/delete files in home directory.

Let me know if anything is wrong.

Thank you @Adrien.Albert Adrien for your explanation! I understand now. I will work on migrating the data to scratch. Thanks for the 10 days grace period!



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