Boabab public-bigmem partition usage

Dear all,

I have a job queuing on the partition public-bigmem for 2 weeks now on Baobab and there is always some other jobs running from user “ongen” called “wrap”, and something like a 100 more queuing. Does anyone know what it is?

Many thanks

Dear Arthur,

I would say as a mater of rule: what other users are doing on the cluster are they’re own business. Anyway, about this particular job name: the user probably used the sbatch option --wrap that allows to create a job without creating previously an sbatch script.

The issue with the partition public-bigmem on Baobab is that there is only one node:(

What you can try:

  • use shared-bigmem (limited to 12h00!)
  • use public-bigmem on Yggdrasil, there is four bigmem nodes.
  • submit your job on shared-cpu. As you are “only” asking 150G for your job, most of the newer compute nodes have more than 150G. And on Yggdrasil, all of them, inclusive public-cpu.