Carbon emissions of our calculations

Dear HPC team,

Could we imagine a system for Baobab and Yggdrasil for which we could have like per month:

  • The hours of calculations we did;
  • The corresponding energy used;
  • The corresponding carbon emissions due to these calculations.

It would be very useful to make users aware of the “cost” of our calculations and maybe some of us can be motivated to try to compensate our emissions.

Emeline Bolmont

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Hi Emeline,

yes sound like a good idea. We should anyway provide a way for the users/groups to know their past usage and Slurm has a way to provide energy accounting per job. We “just” need to do it:)

Hi Yann,
That would be awesome!
You could hire a internship student between IT and ecology/environnement to do that work :wink:

Dear HPC team,

I was wondering if the situation changed in 3 years! I would like to estimate the carbon footprint for my team.

I think my former student Guillaume Chaverot was in touch with you and he told me you had talked about the idea to install a script to calculate the actual consumption per CPU hour (so accounting for the cooling system and all).

Did you have time to do that by any chance?

Thanks a lot for your work!!

@Emeline.Bolmont If you wanted to measure the energy consumption on GPUs, you could use a library like zeus. I assume that for CPU calculations, such tool exist as well.

Dear @Emeline.Bolmont

This is what we have so far:

There are several issue: the energy counter only works on intel cpu and the energy counter on the server only works if you request a full node. No good solution unfortunately. And to include the energy of the cooling, this is another story as both consumption are totaly unrelated. What we can do is to extract the total energy consumed by the cooling system and see how much power the DC consume in the DC vs the total of the DC and do some interpolation. The issue: not easy to know how much consumption we are doing. The situation will be better with Bamboo as we have separate power counter. Stay tuned!