Carbon emissions of our calculations

Dear HPC team,

Could we imagine a system for Baobab and Yggdrasil for which we could have like per month:

  • The hours of calculations we did;
  • The corresponding energy used;
  • The corresponding carbon emissions due to these calculations.

It would be very useful to make users aware of the “cost” of our calculations and maybe some of us can be motivated to try to compensate our emissions.

Emeline Bolmont

Hi Emeline,

yes sound like a good idea. We should anyway provide a way for the users/groups to know their past usage and Slurm has a way to provide energy accounting per job. We “just” need to do it:)

Hi Yann,
That would be awesome!
You could hire a internship student between IT and ecology/environnement to do that work :wink: