Conda create following the doc will fail?


I am trying to create a conda environment, and I am following the steps in the HCP UNIGE documentation (hpc:applications_and_libraries [eResearch Doc]), I run:

module load Anaconda3
conda create --prefix $HOME/scratch/test-env --name environment_name

Running this, however, leads to the error:

conda create: error: argument -n/–name: not allowed with argument -p/–prefix

It seems that indeed --name and --prefix cannot be used simultaneously? How should I do then? If I skip the --name part, the resulting name environment will be the whole prefix?

Following up on this, it seems indeed the HPC documentation is wrong, looking at conda create --help, which returns:

This command requires either the -n NAME or -p PREFIXoption

Could you kindly advice how I should do if I want to create an environment with name “name” yet on scratch?