Could not chdir to home directory: Permission Denied

Dear HPC Team,

Primary information

Cluster: Yggdrasil/Baobab


When I access the clusters I get the following message. This happens both with Yggdrasil and Baobab.
I think I have not been granted permission to access my own directory
Could not chdir to home directory /home/users/b/borotau9: Permission denied
-bash: /home/users/b/borotau9/.bash_profile: Permission denied

Steps to Reproduce


Expected Result

I would expect to access my own home directory.
I was able to before, but I requested to be given access to a shared folder for my department and maybe the access was revoked?

Actual Result

I am not able to access and I am told that permission is denied.

Dear Sarah,

Effectively I saw that the user creation process failled and your home directory was not assigned to your user. All is now with good rights.

Sorry for inconvenience,