Current issues on Baobab and Yggdrasil

Dear HPC users,


We noticed a problem accessing the login node on Baobab.

The issue might be hardware related, but it’s too soon to tell. We are investigating and will let you know when the issue is solved.


It seems one of the Ethernet switch in the datacenter has stopped working or is in an unstable state.

Please consider Baobab down for the time being.

Boabab is up and running again. You can resume using Baobab normally.
You might want to check the result of your last running jobs as a majority of them were killed.

The exact cause of the failure is still under investigation, but the first clues point at a network issue.

Yggdrasil was not affected by this incident.

If you have any problem with module (load, spider, etc.), you need to exit your session and re-open it :

Thank you for your patience.