Discourse in UNIGE beyond HPC community


I am sorry if this is off-topic.

I think the HPC-community platform (which seems to be a variant/instance of discourse) is one of the best environments for communication and, well, discourse on the some of the common UNIGE services.

But, there are other (related) services by the University which do strictly not fall under HPC: e.g. those related to gitlab, office, mail, teleconferences. These became especially vital these days with the role of teleworking.

Is there a similar resource for these topics? Do they somehow belong here?

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Dear @Volodymyr.Savchenko, many thanks for this post! Yes you are right it’s a Discourse instance and I agree with you, this tool is very nice.

We have another forum related to research which may be of interest: Research Data Management and my colleague @Caroline.Wilhem just created a category there to discuss about GitLab. For the other services, I hope we’ll have a way for the users to interact in the future.

By the way, we expect this GitLab category to be “community driven” as we don’t provide usage support for it. But of course, we’ll try to check this forum too and we may answer from time to time.

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Yes, many thanks Volodymyr for your feedback!
We need feedbacks from researchers to improve our services.

Great, thanks, the RDM forum does appear to be very interesting!
Though it is not exceptionally full of activity (yet?).

It could be also because, at least in/around our research group(s), the services, which satisfy many of the shared needs, are not at all widely known. This includes gitlab (which seems rather well maintained), agenda.unige.ch. I stumbled on them almost by accident very recently.

What would be the recommended way to keep up to date with these kind of useful developments?

In particular, perhaps there is already (or is planned) something about:

  • Interactive communication, such as mattermost (since it’s generally tightly integrated with gitlab)
  • Document management (such as that supported in confluence)