/dpnc/beegfs mount broken on Yggdrasil

Primary informations

Username: coppinp
Cluster: Yggdrasil


The DPNC BeeGFS server is no longer accessible on Yggdrasil.
(On baobab everything is fine)

Steps to Reproduce with expected Result

(baobab)-[coppinp@login2 ~]$ ls /dpnc/beegfs
ams atlas backup cta dampe etc fast herd neutrino OLDS pan share sys usage users

Actual Result

(yggdrasil)-[coppinp@login1 ~]$ ls /dpnc/beegfs
ls: cannot access ‘/dpnc/beegfs’: No such file or directory

The issue seems solved now!

Dear @Paul.Coppin this is unfortunately outside of our scope, the upstream DNS was faulty this morning but astro-it fixed it.

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