/dpnc/beegfs not mounted on Baobab nodes


I noticed an issue today: it seems that the DPNC storage is not mounted on Baobab nodes.

I can access /dpnc/beegfs/ from the login node (login2.cluster). However when submitting to Slurm, I may get this:

Starting job:  Tue 16 Mar 16:13:52 CET 2021
ls: cannot access /dpnc/beegfs/users/: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access /dpnc/beegfs/: No such file or directory

Same on node207.cluster and on node187.


Hi there,

This was a side effect of an autofs configuration fixed pushed yesterday, /dpnc/beegfs is NFSv4-only, now working again:

[root@node207 ~]# ls -l /dpnc | grep -e  '^total'
total 0
[root@node207 ~]# ls -l /dpnc/beegfs | grep -e '^total'
total 798552
[root@node207 ~]# 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thx, bye,

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Thank you, it works :slight_smile:

Dear HPC team,

It seems that DPNC BeeGFS storage is not mounted, at the very least on the login node and maybe on the computing nodes as well.

I imagine this follows the Baobab outage.

Is it possible to restore it?

Hi, it seems the issue is on the DPNC storage. I’m checking with @Yann.Meunier

edit: done.

ps: do not continue an already post as we don’t monitor those threads easily.

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