Experiencing very slow I/O on Baobab


We have been having issues with very slow I/O on baobab. After allocating some resources and running some simple scripts in the terminal of VS code, it takes ages to start (normally 2 sec).

For me, it seems like the issue is loading packages (in a Python script). It takes ages. I have tried on different nodes and it was an issue everywhere.


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I can confirm I have been facing similar issues on Baobab.


Hi, as we already said here: Login node on Baobab unusable VS code is inducing a high load. So this isn’t a fair way to use the cluster.

When you said the issue is to load the packages. Are you talking about ml BlaBla? Or do you have a local copy in your home or in your scratch? You should really use ml Blabla as the binaries are stored on a dedicated filesystem.

Are you using the scratch or home storage when you have the issue? Please always give the maximum details, this helps us to better investigate the issue.

Unfortunately, IO resource is completely shared resource. If one use is behaving incorrectly, the whole user experience is impacted. We’ll check from our side if we can pinpoint a bad usage or a real issue.