Firefox binaries

Hello hpc team.

I would need to know the path to the firefox binaries. I tried /usr/bin/firefox, but it seems it is not the proper path.

Hello Denis,

It depends what you are trying to achieve with firefox.

Firefox is indeed located in ‘/usr/bin/firefox’ :
[brero@login2 ~]$ which firefox

If you are curious, you can open this file with any text editor and see it is actually a launcher (a bash script) and not a binary file.
If you go through this file, you can find the path to the binary which in - in the case of login2 - in /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox

The preferred and recommended way to launch Firefox is to simply use ‘firefox’, but if for some specific reasons you need directly the binary, you can access it that way.

Hope this helps !


Massimo Brero

Dear Massimo

Thank you for the clear and detailed answer !