Geant4/10.5 problem

I’m wondering if there’s any difference between baobab and yggdrasil for Geant4/10.5 package.
Since when i tried to load geant4/10.5 on yggdrasil, my geant4 code couldn’t be compiled with a lot of errors popping out which were related to geant4/11.0.2.
/opt/ebsofts/Geant4/11.0.2-GCC-11.2.0/include/Geant4/G4SystemOfUnits.hh:54:14: error:day’ has not been declared in ‘CLHEP

54 | using CLHEP::day;

I’m wondering if there’s any change. It seems to me that actually i’m loading geant4/11.0.2 or at least the script finds automatically geant4/11.0.2. Everything works well on baobab.

Could you help me figure out the problem?

Thank you.

Both installations are identical.

You probably compiled your code using Geant4/xx and then loaded Geant4/yy later and you have now a mismatch.

Please try again from scratch (erase the intermediate files) and be sure that you are loading the correct Geant version first.