Gurobi license expired on Yggdrasil


The Gurobi license expired on Yggdrasil, I think.

I am getting these issues:

Running MGA_Cost_GHG scenario 1 on node cpu033.yggdrasil
Creating nodal constraints.
25% of nodal constraints created.
50% of nodal constraints created.
75% of nodal constraints created.
75% of nodal constraints created.
100% of nodal constraints created.
Time to initialize model: 5854 seconds
MGA run #1 with Cost Slack 2.2%, GHG Slack 65% (max 725 MtCO2).
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 5, in
File “/home/sasse/baobab_python_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyomo/solvers/plugins/solvers/”, line 61, in gurobi_run
model = read(model_file)
File “gurobi.pxi”, line 2774, in
File “gurobi.pxi”, line 71, in
File “gurobi.pxi”, line 23, in gurobipy.gurobi._getdefaultenv
File “env.pxi”, line 48, in gurobipy.Env.init
gurobipy.GurobiError: Request denied: license expired
ERROR: Solver (gurobi) returned non-zero return code (1)
ERROR: See the solver log above for diagnostic information.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 34, in
model,results,MGA_Objective,MGA_CostSlack = solve_model_mga(model,scen_nr,mga_case)
File “/home/sasse/expanse-eur/EXPANSE/”, line 287, in solve_model_mga
results = SolverFactory(opts[‘solver_name’]).solve(model, options=opts[‘solv_opts’], tee = True)
File “/home/sasse/baobab_python_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyomo/opt/base/”, line 600, in solve
“Solver (%s) did not exit normally” %
pyutilib.common._exceptions.ApplicationError: Solver (gurobi) did not exit normally

Thanks for any advice or help on this issue.


Just wanted to check if there any news regarding the Gurobi license?

I get this error:
gurobipy.GurobiError: Request denied: license expired


Hi there,

Perfect timing, we received the new license this night, installed and everything is working as expected now:

[capello@login1 ~]$ module load Gurobi
[capello@login1 ~]$ gurobi_cl --tokens

Checking status of Gurobi token server ''...

Token server functioning normally.
Maximum allowed uses: 4096, current: 0

[capello@login1 ~]$ 

Thx, bye,

thanks! it works now


I seem to be running into Gurobi license problems on Yggdrasil:

[remypa@login1 ~]$ module load Gurobi
[remypa@login1 ~]$ gurobi_cl --tokens
Failed to connect to token server '' (port 41954).
Problem retrieving token server status


Hi there,

Follow-up on Gurobi license problem on Yggdrasil .

Thx, bye,