Gurobi license expired (Yggdrasil)


I just wanted to let you know that the Gurobi license is about to expire on Yggdrasil.

Warning: your license will expire in 1 days

Could you please update the license?


Hi @Jan-Philipp.Sasse it should be fixed. Please try and let us know if this isn’t the case.



it still does not work, i’m getting this error

File “src/gurobipy/gurobi.pxi”, line 32, in gurobipy.gurobi._getdefaultenv
File “src/gurobipy/env.pxi”, line 62, in gurobipy.Env.init
gurobipy.GurobiError: Failed to connect to token server ‘’ (port 41954) - license file ‘/opt/ebsofts/Gurobi/9.5.0-GCCcore-11.2.0/gurobi.lic’. Consult the Quick Start Guide for instructions on starting a token server.
ERROR: Solver (gurobi) returned non-zero return code (1)
ERROR: See the solver log above for diagnostic information.

Hi, the gurobi server crashed when I updated the license. I’ve restarted it and it is working right now. Can you try again?


it works! thanks a lot