Help yourself: install SEISAN as user

As a user asked us to install the software SEISAN and this software isn’t available in EasyBuild repo, this is how to do it.

Create a directory to store SEISAN

mkdir seisan
cd seisan

Download the software and decompress it:

tar xf seisan_v12.0_linux_64.tar.gz 

Adapt th file COM/SEISAN.bash. Replace this line with the location where you installed SEISAN. Example:

	export SEISAN_TOP="/home/sagon/easybuild/s/seisan" 

If you don’t know the path, here it is how to get it:

[sagon@cpu025.baobab seisan]$ pwd

Before using SEISAN you need to initialize it:

[sagon@cpu025.baobab seisan]$ source COM/SEISAN.bash

You can add that line to your .bashrc file if you want to initialize the software each time you connect to the cluster.

According to the documentation, you need to launch those two commands before using SEISAN for the first time or HYP will crash.

[sagon@cpu025.baobab seisan]$ remodl
[sagon@cpu025.baobab seisan]$ setbrn

ref: 3.1 Linux