How did we decide on Rocky Linux as the successor to CentOS?

In 2020, Red Hat announced that CentOS7 would no longer be maintained, and CentOS8 has already reached its end of life.

As a result, we needed to find a replacement operating system for our clusters that would be similar to CentOS to minimize disruptions for users and maintain compatibility with applications and scripts.
We evaluated several options, including Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, Oracle Linux (OEL), and Springdale, and considered the following factors in our decision-making:

  • MLNX and BeeGFS support for the OS
  • All of our configurations and scripts are based on Red Hat

After considering these factors, we ultimately chose Rocky Linux as our replacement OS.

It already has support from MLNX and BeeGFS, and it’s spearheaded by the original founder of CentOS, Gregory Kurtzer.

Choosing an OS that is based on Red Hat like Rocky Linux should ensure a high degree of compatibility and familiarity for our users.