Howto launch RevBayes on Baobab

A user asked us if we can install RevBayes. As it is available as a singularity image and Singularity is available on Baobab, let’s see how to proceed.

Download RevBayes simg:


Load Singularity module:

module load GCCcore/8.2.0 Singularity/3.4.0-Go-1.12

Launch RevBayes

singularity run --app rb RevBayes_Singularity_v1.0.13.simg

RevBayes version (1.0.12)
Build from tags/v1.0.13 (9afdfe) on Thu Nov  7 22:26:37 UTC 2019

Visit the website for more information about RevBayes.

RevBayes is free software released under the GPL license, version 3. Type 'license()' for details.

To quit RevBayes type 'quit()' or 'q()'.

> quit()

It seems there is an issue with openMPI and this release of foss. I’ll check that and update the post.