[HPC][baobab] Gaussian error

Hi @Yann.Sagon,

When I run Gaussian on Baobab I get the following error:

Error: illegal instruction, illegal opcode
   rax 0000000000da6150, rbx 00007ffde8007fa0, rcx 00007ffde8007fa0
   rdx 00007ffde8007f70, rsp 00007ffde8007ec8, rbp 00007ffde8007ed0
   rsi 00007ffde8007f78, rdi 00007ffde8007f08, r8  0000000000000047
   r9  0000000000d8c6f0, r10 00000000000000b2, r11 00000000000000b9
   r12 0000000001030930, r13 000014786297dd60, r14 00001478628c6ea0
   r15 00001478628a2fa0
  /lib64/libpthread.so.0(+0x12cf0) [0x147889ebacf0]
  /opt/ebsofts/Gaussian/g16/l101.exe() [0xda61fa]

How could this issue be solved?

Best regards,

Dear Pedro,

Here the Yann’s answer

the current workaround (not ideal) is to NOT use the AMD compute nodes until we recompile Gaussian or upgrade it.

hpc:slurm [eResearch Doc]

hpc:hpc_clusters [eResearch Doc]

You must not use V7 and V8 cpu generation.