Increase concurrent jobs in job array

I am running 90 instances of a job array. The function output changes with the job array index as an input variable. I wish to process 90 jobs in parallel. when I submit a batch job array the cluster limits me to 20 jobs, concurrently. This seems to be a default limit. This requires about one hour for all jobs to complete. If I ran all 90 jobs concurrently, the program would finish in about 15 minutes. Is it possible to increase the number of concurrent jobs from 20 to 90?


the maximum number of a job array on Baobab is 10k: MaxArraySize=10000

According to your screen shot, the remaining of your jobs are pending due to lack of licenses.

Please show us your sbatch script or let us know which license you are using.



I think I am using a default student license. How can I upgrade to get more job submissions?

The bash script is here:


The command line argument is here:



you should compile your code and then remove the license line in your sbatch script.

Thank you very much. This reduced the processing time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes.