Install PyQt6 on Yggdrasil/Baobab



I need to run an application that recently switched to PyQt6 and dropped support for older versions.

Would it be possible to install PyQt6 on Yggdrasil and Baobab?

My current stack includes the following loaded modules:

GCCcore/10.2.0 Tkinter/3.8.6 Python/3.8.6 cuDNN/

Thank you very much!


Dear @Giuseppe.Chindemi unfortunately PyQt6 nor Qt6 is available through EeasyBuild.

Some attempt there: {devel}[GCCcore/10.2.0,GCCcore/11.2.0] Qt6 v6.2.3, PySide6 v6.2.3 w/ Python 3.8.6 + 3.9.6 by kosl · Pull Request #15096 · easybuilders/easybuild-easyconfigs · GitHub

So unfortunately we aren’t ready yet and you are on your own. You can try to compile it or use a docker image.


Ok no problem, thanks anyway!