Jobs entering (BeginTime)

Username: kleins
Cluster: baobab

Both cpu and gpu jobs are running and then crashing and going into a (BeginTime) state. The jobs aren’t actually crashing, they just end. After a while they start again. This seems to happen randomly and I cannot reproduce it.

Others are also experiencing the same issue.

Dear @Samuel.Klein

it’s all a bit vague. Do you have any logs to provide, a jobID or any other relevant information to help us understand?

Best Regards


Job 4972667 is an example of one that crashed and entered a BeginTime state. There is nothing in the logs at all.


Dear Samuel,

Job have been cancelle by your user :

sacct -j 4972667  -o  State%30
           CANCELLED by 387368

And uid is yours :

grep 387368 /etc/passwd
kleins:x:387368:1014:Klein Samuel:/home/users/k/kleins:/bin/bash

I don’t have more informations regarding this issue.

Best regards,