Load two softs that do not use the same GCC and openMI version

Dear HPC team

I am trying to load R.4.0.0 and JAGS, to install/use the library rjags in R. But they do not use the same versions of GCC and OpenMPI:

module load GCC/9.3.0  OpenMPI/4.0.3 R/4.0.0
module load  GCC/8.3.0  OpenMPI/3.1.4 JAGS/4.3.0

How can I do that ?

Thanks !

Hi this isn’t possible. We’ve compiled a new rjags version: New software installed: rjags 4.10 with associated R version.

[sagon@cpu025.baobab ~]$ ml foss/2021a rjags/4-10-R-4.1.0