Login node on Yggdrasil unusable


Do you know what are the reasons for such a bad user experience at the Yggdrasil login node? Is it because of too many users accessing it at the same time? Is the main issue in disk access or maybe internet connection? I have reported problems with running simple git commands (Git pull problems on Yggdrasil). Now I have a problem with pulling data from the S3 service that you provide. Things that normally should take seconds run tens of minutes.

As a comparison I have:

  • experience on my local machine - if something takes ages here I am expecting it to take ages elsewhere, but this is not the case
  • experience on Yggdrasil several weeks ago - everything was perfect and then suddenly Yggdrasil became unusable
  • experience on Baobab - in the old times when Yggdrasil was running well Baobab was unusable. Now it is the other way around. Same git/S3 pulls that never finish on Yggdrasil take seconds on Baobab.

I know you are trying to do your best and I am not complaining. But I would like to know if there is hope. I need to reorganize my research and prepare resources for my own infrastructure otherwise.