Missing files after the baobab restore


After getting access back on baobab, I can see that only my folders have been restored and all the files within the folders are missing, despite me answering “Restore my data” in the survey.

Is it possible to get the files restored too?

Also when I use sallac (on baobab), it seems to be missing a config file (see photo).

Thanks for the help.


Indeed I have the same problem, folders are restored but not the actual data.
Maybe we received the email too early I guess?


Hi, it seems the restore session failed for some of you :unamused:

The good news is it seems that if we re run the restore of the given user, it is working.

If you were contacted by us saying your home is restored and you have issue with missing files, please contact us by email with the topic “missing files after home restore” and we’ll re run the restore session.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Hi @Malte.Algren your files are in the restore batch of the day (ongoing).

About your screenshot: your syntax is obsolet, please use the new way to have interactive sessions.

The two users above are now restored without issue, I’m closing this post.