Mpiexec.hydra impi module vs conda executable

Hello @Yann.Sagon, for a complex reason I find my self in the need to use mpiexec.hydra instead of srun, inside a conda environment.

I have noticed though that I have 2 mpiexec.hydra executables, one in the impi module /opt/ebsofts/impi/2019.7.217-iccifort-2020.1.217/intel64/bin/mpiexec.hydra and another in my conda environment (I guess that is has been installed as a requirement for some other package (maybe mpi4py?))

My question is: is there a difference if I use one instead of another and if yes which one shall I use?

the modules I load are
module load fosscuda/2019b Doxygen SWIG Anaconda3 CMake cuDNN/ iccifort/2020.1.217 impi/2019.7.217

the reason I need to use mpiexec.hydra is explained here Mpiexec.hydra to openmpi