New scratch policy : quota on number of files

Dear users,

As announced by email, recently we have been experiencing some issues with the scratch storage on Yggdrasil, we have found that one of the reasons is that the scratch file system contains too many files.

As most of you have less than 10M (10 millions) files on your scratch, we have decided to introduce a 10M file quota per user on the scratch for both Baobab and Yggdrasil.

As a reminder, each scratch space can hold a maximum of 350M files.

For those users who have more than 10M files: you won’t be able to create new files once the limit is reached. We’ll contact you and give you 7 days to correct the situation.

See here for a table of storage and quotas on our clusters: hpc:storage_on_hpc [eResearch Doc]

See how to check your disk quota here: hpc:storage_on_hpc [eResearch Doc]

Thank you for understanding, best regards

Dear @support,

is there a way to check the current number of overall files on scratch? Or even better, a command to directly check if the scratch is writable?


Dear @maciej.falkiewicz

It isn’t possible as user to check the remaining inodes. You need to have access to each servers for that. Anyway as we’ve now setup quota on file number, scratch storage should safe regarding this matter.