New software installed EMU

Dear users, we have installed a new software: EMU

ml foss/2020a EMU

python $EBROOTEMU/ -h
usage: EMU [-h] [--version] [-npy FILE] [-plink FILE-PREFIX] [-e INT] [-k INT]
           [-m INT] [-m_tole FLOAT] [-t INT] [-maf FLOAT] [-selection]
           [-maf_save] [-bool_save] [-indf_save] [-index FILE] [-svd STRING]
           [-svd_power INT] [-w FILE] [-s FILE] [-u FILE] [-no_accel] [-cost]
           [-cost_step] [-o OUTPUT]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --version           show program's version number and exit
  -npy FILE           Input numpy binary file (.npy)
  -plink FILE-PREFIX  Prefix for PLINK files (.bed, .bim, .fam)
  -e INT              Number of eigenvectors to use in IAF estimation
  -k INT              Number of eigenvectors to output in final SVD
  -m INT              Maximum iterations for estimation of individual allele
                      frequencies (100)
  -m_tole FLOAT       Tolerance for update in estimation of individual allele
                      frequencies (5e-7)
  -t INT              Number of threads
  -maf FLOAT          Threshold for minor allele frequencies (0.00)
  -selection          Perform PC-based selection scan (Galinsky et al. 2016)
  -maf_save           Save estimated population allele frequencies
  -bool_save          Save boolean vector used in MAF filtering (Binary)
  -indf_save          Save estimated singular matrices
  -index FILE         Index for guided allele frequencies
  -svd STRING         Method for performing truncated SVD (arpack/halko)
  -svd_power INT      Number of power iterations in randomized SVD (Halko)
  -w FILE             Left singular matrix (.w.npy)
  -s FILE             Singular values (.s.npy)
  -u FILE             Right singular matrix (.u.npy)
  -no_accel           Turn off acceleration for EM
  -cost               Output min-cost each iteration (DEBUG)
  -cost_step          Use acceleration based on cost
  -o OUTPUT           Prefix output name