New software installed: FSL 5.0.11

Dear user, we have installed FSL 5.0.11

module spider FSL/5.0.11
module load GCC/7.3.0-2.30  OpenMPI/3.1.1  FSL/5.0.11

Hi and thanks for installing it!

I run the code but I am given the following error:
You need to source an FSL setup file - either or fsl.csh in $FSLDIR/etc/fslconf !

This link gives instructions on how to do so, but I cannot find the directory path FSL is installed to.


here is the location of the file:

[stampacc@login2 ~]$ find  $EBROOTFSL -iname
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Hi there,

The link you posted is wrong, the correct one is FslInstallation/ShellSetup - FslWiki .

NB , the file must be “sourced”, not “executed” (pay attention to the initial dot, cf. Dot (command) - Wikipedia ).

Here the full instructions:

capello@login2:~$ module load GCC/7.3.0-2.30  OpenMPI/3.1.1
capello@login2:~$ module load FSL/5.0.11
capello@login2:~$ . ${EBROOTFSL}/fsl/etc/fslconf/

Thx, bye,

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Thank you so much! It is now working!!