OpenOnDemand SandBox App Permission denied


I’m trying to create a SandBox App on the OpenOnDemand platform. However, when I start the App, the output.log show an Permission denied error:

Script starting...
Generating connection YAML file...
/var/spool/slurmd/job7404075/slurm_script: line 128: /home/users/f/ferat/ondemand/data/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/dev/fMRIprepOnDemand/output/8033afc5-4c61-41fb-91f4-0fb446d4d634/ Permission denied
Cleaning up...

You can find the full App definition at this address:

And an example of a failed run HERE

Might it be due to the linux authorizations 644 on the file ? Do you know if it is something I need to configure from the App side or if it’s a server side configuration ?

Thanks for your help,

I solve the issue by adding read,write and execution permissions to the ondemand folder.

chmod -R u+rwx ./ondemand

Maybe it is somehing that should be set by default to avoid users having issue starting SandBox Apps

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Dear @Victor.Ferat

I am glade to see your contribution on OpenOnDemand. Let us know if your app need to be shared with the community :slight_smile: