Priority hierarchy between user's job

I wanted to ask if, in baobab, it’s possible for a user to set a priority hierarchy between user’s job. To be more concrete, I submitted a set N of jobs relatively small (1 node). Some of them already started, and some are still in the queue (let’s say M jobs still in the queue). I would like to submit now an interactive job, asking for comparable resources to the resources required for the N jobs, and I would like this job to start before the remaining M jobs in my queue. Briefly, I would like that my M jobs in the queue would not prevent me to run my interactive job - that I would like to run as soon as possible - without deleting the M jobs and submitting them again at a later time.
Is this possible? Could you please explain me how to do it?

Thanks for your help!
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Just a quick update, it seems that ‘scontrol hold job_id’ does exactly what I need.

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AFAIK this is the only possible solution.

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