Problem installing TOPAS in my home directory


I am new to UNIGE and would like to use a software that I believe no one uses here yet. It is called TOPAS and it is used for medical physics simulations: TOPAS Tool for Particle Simulation

I’ve been running it successfully on an ubuntu WSL on my personal computer but I cannot manage to make it work on the cluster by installing it in my home directory on Baobab.

There is different available version. debian 8 /debian 9, and centOS7 or 8. I tried to install the centOS8, is that right ?

I get the error:

topas: /home/users/k/kunzlo/topas/bin/…/lib/ version `GNUTLS_3_6_9’ not found (required by /lib64/

Could you help ? is it right that I should install it in my home directory or should I rather ask the HPC team to install it and then access it via a module ?


Dear @Louis.Kunz

I am trying to install TOPAS. I keep you inform about it.

Best Regards

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Dear @Louis.Kunz

And Voila !

Amazing! Merci Beaucoup :smiley: