[Procedure] Contact the hpc team by email

Dear Users,

Many of you contact the HPC team asking for help or new features and we are glad to help you in your projects.

However, in order to respond efficiently and as quickly as possible, we ask you to present your request in a standard format, using the template below, with all the gratitude of the universe.

That is why we ask you to follow the procedure available in our documentation: to contact the HPC team by email.

If all conditions are met and all planets are aligned, please use the email template described in the documentation above and replace all $[] <> by real information about your issue (please note that $USER and $CLUSTER are bash variables):

Subject : <[HPC][boabab|yggdrasil][slurm] Error launching jobs with srun >
<Hello formula >

Username: $USER
Cluster: $CLUSTER
Subject: <slurm|software|system|connexion| (an explanatory keyword) >
jobid: <separate by space if you have more than one>


<Here the mail body explaining and describing  everything with the MAXIMUM details.  
 the MAXIMUM!>

- Explain us your experience as if we were newbies. 
   We don't spy on your work so we don't know what is going wrong :/
- Explain what you are trying to achieve, sometimes what we understand is not what 
  you are doing.
- Give us the command you executed, your sbatch, and all the relevant information
- Give us the path to the relevant files in Baobab (sbatch, error logs, etc.) and/or 
  add them as attachments.


<Respect formula (it's always appreciated)>

<Bye Bye formula>


Thank you for your understanding,

May the HPC spirit be with you!

`•.,¸,.•*¯`•.,¸,.•*|:¬¬¬¬¬¬::::|| 。◕‿‿◕。| 
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Dear all:

update of this post: if you need help, please do not use the email but submit a request on this forum on the category support => issues. This is easier for us to answer and we are happy to share the discussion with the other users too.