Questions on the accounting system in Slurm


I was reading the Slurm document and found there is a level “account” over “users”.

As I learned, if I use lots of resources, the priority of any other user in the same account will be brought down.

I would like to know how you set this factor on Baobab, I mean, to what level my usage affects the other users, since I didn’t get this information from the introduction session?


Hello Jiahui,

indeed users are mapped to account, and account belongs to a PI (Principal Investigator) who belongs to a department, in a faculty. To keep things easy, we have set the “fairshare” value to one for every user/account. And then we count the number of account for a given PI and give him a fairshare corresponding to the total number researchers he supervise.

We are proceeding like that exactly for the reason you are talking about: we don’t want that a single user can prevent other users of his group to use the cluster. Anyway, it’s not that simple and we have some side border effect.

More details here