Quota enforcement on home directory on Baobab

Dear users,

As announced during the latest Baobab maintenance, we’ll enforce a quota on the home directory on Baobab. This will be effective next Monday 21th of November 2022. As the storage is shared by everyone, this ensure a fair home usage and prevent users from filling it. It is important to lower the disk usage on home as this location is backuped and this takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of files.

What does it mean for you: if your home directory usage is higher than 1TB, you won’t be able to write to it anymore. To resume the situation, you should clean up some data in your home directory and or migrate some data to your scratch directory.

You can find more informations about storage usage in our documentation hpc:storage_on_hpc [eResearch Doc]

Best regards,

Yann for HPC team.


Is the quota enforcement for home and scratch together?
Say I have 600gb on home and 700gb on scratch. Does that mean I have to delete 300 gb of data to be able to write?

Also, does the data on scratch get deleted after some time or is it just permanent but not backuped?


Only on home, only on Baobab right now.

not backuped and not deleted yet, but if the files are too old, you receive a summary with a list of old files that should be deleted.