Remote I/O error on home


I am unable to read certain files on my home, and I can’t seem to create any files on there either. It throws a remote I/O error.
Is this a known issue at this time?


Happening here too. Interestingly also happens when I try and use the scratch shortcut in my home directory.


thanks for the notification. One of the the storage server has an issue. We are investigating.

Exactly the same happens to me (remote I/O error). In addition, one of my script files got corrupted at some point overnight.
Thank you in advance for doing the necessary.
Wish you a good day,
Lucia Gomez

thanks a lot, problem solved

Hello, same problem again :frowning:

yes… same problem here too

follow up: Current issues on Baobab and Yggdrasil - #84 by Yann.Sagon