Salloc: error: No DISPLAY variable set

When trying to use salloc with x11 forwarding, I get the following error:

(base) [savardg@login1.yggdrasil ~]$ salloc -n1 -c2 --partition=public-interactive-cpu --time=5:00:00 --x11
salloc: error: No DISPLAY variable set, cannot setup x11 forwarding.

I didn’t have this issue before. I tried using different partitions, setting DISPLAY=0, …

Thanks in advance


Hi @Genevieve.Savard,

how are you connected to Yggdrasil: which ssh client, from what OS?



Hi @Yann.Sagon,
I’m connecting to ygg via command line ssh on Ubuntu 20.04.4

Please show the full ssh line you use.

Ah! you pointed me in the right direction… dumb mistake on my side omitting -X with the ssh command… Thanks!

Ahh, good!