Snakemake workflows unable to connect to network

I am trying to run a snakemake workflow with the following slurm profile

verbose: false
printshellcmds: true
rerun-triggers: mtime
jobs: 50

use-apptainer: true
apptainer-args: >-
  --bind /srv,/home

executor: slurm
  slurm_account: golling
  slurm_partition: shared-cpu,private-dpnc-cpu,public-cpu
  runtime: 60
  threads: 4
  mem_mb: 20000

When I run a workflow with snakemake -s workflow/windowwidth.smk --profile workflow/profiles/slurm/, I get this error:

Unable to test the validity of the given or guessed SLURM account 'golling' with sacctmgr: sacctmgr: error: slurm_persist_conn_open_without_init: failed to open persistent connection to Network is unreachable
sacctmgr: error: Sending PersistInit msg: Network is unreachable

I am not sure how to debug this. Looks like sacct is not working? Any clues?


Hi, this is solved.


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