Some directory permission seem to change on their own

Hi there,

You are right that there is no documentation (yet) about that, albeit on any IT system (even your personal machine) as a best practice you should not play with your ${HOME} permissions (some common software like ssh can complain with non-standard ones).

To be clearer: Baobab is a multi-user system, thus in general no data should be assumed “public” by default. Which is the reason why on shared group folders we avoid read/write permissions for others (the last cipher).

Yes, it is perfectly fine and other groups are already doing the same, either on /home/share (limited space) or /srv/beegfs/scratch/shares (plenty of space, but no backup at all).

In any case, data usage is not calculated per folder, but per user/group (cf. [howto] check disk usage on Baobab ).

On Baobab and Yggdrasil we use ISIs (thus AD) UID/GIDs whenever is possible, so if you ask for a shared space please tell us if you already have an ISIs/AD GID and/or if you need this group outside HPC (and we will ask for an ISIs/AD group for you).

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