Spider inaccessible today

Dear HPC team,

Is this switch issue on Boabab some how related to the missing spider modules?
Because I can not load the GCCcore/8.2.0 module
[mdeliyer@login2 ~]$ module spider GCCcore/8.2.0
Lmod has detected the following error: Unable to find: “GCCcore/8.2.0”.

Thank you for your work.

Best regards,

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Dear Makysm,

Thank you for reaching out.

Indeed the problem with Baobab this morning had an impact on the network, running jobs and also on accessing the storage from login2 (that is if you were already connected).

For module, there was also a related issue to access the libraries which is now solved.

You need to disconnect first for your current session and reconnect. It should work !

Let me know if the problem still occurs.

All the best,