Suggestion - Nautilus or other GUI file browser


I would like to suggest the installation of Nautilus or another GUI file browser on the baobab2 login node. Nautilus was available on the former baobab login node but not on the CentOS7 installation.

A GUI file browser is pretty useful when e.g. you produce a large number of figures and want to check them on the fly without SSH-downloading them back to your laptop. The available “display” command only loads one file at a time and needs to be reopened for every figure without possibility to easily browse next/previous.

Thank you,

David Droz

Hi there,

Have you tried the XFCE file browser (i.e. Thunar , cf. xfce:thunar:start [Xfce Docs] ), available from the Applications menu or the bottom bar once connected to XFCE via X2go?

NB , while preparing login2 in CentOS 7, we were obliged by external factors to replace GNOME with XFCE (cf. WIP: Migrate Baobab to CentOS7 - #3 by Luca.Capello ). Nevertheless, Thunar is mostly at the same level as Nautilus in term of features.

Thx, bye,

Dear Luca,

Indeed Thunar seems to be what I’m looking for. However there doesn’t seem to be any available application for image viewing. Something like e.g. Ristretto.

Thank you,

Dear David,

I have added ristretto to login2.



Dear Massimo,

Thank you. I just tested and it works exactly as needed. This will definitely prove useful!