SVN client is too old to work with the working copy


when I try to use any SVN command inside my local repository (/home/barbano/psLab_svn_trunk) I get the following error:

svn: E155021: This client is too old to work with the working copy at
‘/home/barbano/psLab_svn_trunk’ (format 31).
You need to get a newer Subversion client. For more details, see

I am not sure of which is the issue, since if I look inside .svn/format I read 12, that should correspond to svn version 1.7. If I ask for “svn --version” I read 1.7.14. So I am not clear on why it is complaining…
I also tried to use the script suggested at the provided link to downgrade the working copy (not sure it is really needed), but it does not work with subversion >= 1.7.
What can I do to be able to use again svn with my working copy? I never had issues with old nodes.

Thank you!
Regards, Anastasia


we had a newer svn version on login1 than we have on login2. It was a version coming from a non official repository, so we didn’t installed it again on login2.

You can either “downgrade” your repo to be able to use it with svn 1.7 or you can use svn through module which is version 1.12.

module load GCCcore/8.2.0 Subversion/1.12.0
svn --version
svn, version 1.12.0 (r1857323)
    compiled Oct  4 2019, 10:58:22 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu



thanks a lot!

Best, Anastasia