Unable to connect via ssh to baobab

Dear admin,
Today, the connection to baobab doesn’t seem to work. It seems to be restricted to ssh. the mosh server I use most of the time and even ftp works without problem.

I have an alias on my machine, which gets resolved to baobab2.hpc.unige.ch
I also deactivated my ssh keys but I never get to the step where it ask me for my paw.

Could you help me to solve this issue?

Hi there,

According to login2.baobab.hpc.unige.ch (which is the target for baobab2.hpc.unige.ch ), you successfully connected by password at 17:37:17 and disconnected at 18:02:34.

I guess everything is OK, am I right?

Thx, bye,

Unfortunately, it’s not working correctly. I don’t know why you see this trace. Maybe my comand connected after a long wait.

I would like to use the scp which doesn’t seem to work. Maybe its just very slow.

Nono of the scp, sftp, rysinc command connect to the server. I tried two different VPNs to connect to baobab.
The only thing that seems to work is my atom-plugin for remote editing, which is also based on sftp, but this is not very convenient to copy files.

Any idea?

Hi there,

I guess the problem is what you are charging from your shell startup files, as I have already explained in another thread (cf. Ssh to baobab hangs at login - #2 by Luca.Capello ):

You should keep the shell initialization as minimal as possible (simply
set up the shell and its prompt). If you need to load some other
programs, you will do it via a script once the shell is available. This
has the advantage of letting you login even if the other programs you
need are broken.

Please remove any conda* stuff in your ~/.bashrc and try again to connect, everything should work as expected.

NB , while I could have fixed your ~/.bashrc , I have refrained to do that given that you have running jobs.

Thx, bye,