Using salloc to access /scratch


When using “salloc” on baobab, “/scratch” is not always available.
Below are two exemple, where only the first one can access /scratch.
Any hit to have example 2 also running ?

Thank you

Example 1: /scratch accessible:

[prados@node002.baobab ~]$ touch /scratch/test

Example 2: /scratch not accessible:

salloc touch /scratch/test
touch: impossible de faire un touch « /scratch/test »: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

Hi Julien,

The /scratch is a local directory node. You should use the $HOME/scratch directory in this case otherwise all file in local /scratch are deleted after the job ending.

Please find the details in our HPC-storage documentation:


Thank you Adrien,
Actually I’m interested in using the local /scratch, and I was trying to understand the difference of behaviour between example 1 and example 2. Any idea why the local /scratch is not accessible into example 2 ?